Sweeney Post 2 Officers 2018-2019


Dan Beliveau

Sr. Vice Commander:

Tonya Remick

Jr. Vice Commander:

Paul Tower


William Roy DC

Finance Officer:

David Quinn

Service Officer:


William Morin


Wayne Mitchell

Judge Advocate:

Michael Lopez

Sgt. At Arms:

James Grosenbeck

Executive Board:

Norm Gravel

Executive Board:

Bernard Dudley

Executive Board:

Alan Heidenreich

Executive Board:

Anthony Violanti

Norm Gravel
Paul Tower
David Quinn

All officers of Henry J. Sweeney Post are elected for a one year term and may be reelected each year, with the exception of the Commander, who can only serve two terms. If you are interested in running for office, please contact either the Commander or the Adjutant for details.

Potential office holder names are placed in nomination in February, with elections held in March. The term of office runs from May to April.

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